Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

So, here it is two days after Christmas! We had a pretty mellow holiday this year, so there wasn't a big letdown once it was over. Melody and her husband, Brent, and the two boys came over Christmas Eve for most of the opening of our gifts for the boys, then they would come back the next day for a few Santa's gifts (yes, he comes to our house, too!). Christmas morning we spend at the home of Brent's parents for a brunch. Anyway, here are my requisite photos of the week. Nothing more special or different than yours, just ours!

I couldn't decide which photo to use - the dark or light one - so decided to use both.

That's Annabelle's ashes there in that white box (she died a year ago), with her photo in front of it. Toby's under there, too, (he died two years ago). Yes, I realize that that's a wierd thing to do!

This is Eva Jean taking a nap with Annabelle. She likes to scratch her face on the branches. We don't have presents under the tree because of year old Oliver the chihuahua.

We bought this simple manger thirty-six years ago when we were poor, and have just never 'upgraded'. When Garrett was two, he lined up his cars in front of it, on the brown part. I keep telling Conner that I don't think they had pine trees like this in Bethlehem, but he thinks they should be there anyway!
This is our Christmas Village, of all different sizes because we mixed and matched! The boys don't care, and one of the first things we do each Christmas is get this out and set it up, the boys on a stool and shuffling everything around til it looks just right. I think we have a tradition started with this! Mawmaw gets to decide where the buildings go, but everything else can be arranged and rearranged as each boy sees fit, as many times as they want.

I'm real proud of these four stamped wooden ornaments. I painted them about twenty years ago, and the exciting thing is that I'm not in the least bit artistic. Most importantly, I can give each boy a set of two for their own trees when they're adults.

Garrett and Pawpaw relaxing. That's a lap drawing set from the Dollar Store that Garrett got for Christmas because drawing is his passion right now.

I have no idea why Conner has underwear on his head. This was before Christmas, but I don't remember what led up to it.

Oliver helping the boys with their new Hot Wheels race track.

Mawmaw and Conner with their antlers on.

Garrett bought me this cute little kitten in a cup at the school Santa Shop, and was so proud of himself! The cat looks like one of ours that died in 2008.

All three dogs had a stocking , but only Oliver was willing to pull one of the toys out. If you look toward his feet, you'll see that it's a silly looking bird.
Well, there are a lot more, but I won't make you look at them all since you've got your own to sort through!

I have a bit of a secret ... I don't remember any of my Christmas' before I had my daughter. I've been told about and have seen in a photo or two that I spent Christmas Eve at the country club with my adoptive mother, grandparents, aunt and cousins Nancy and Marylin when I was little. But Any of them. Any Christmas' or trees with my adoptive mother. Any Christmas's with my adoptive dad and step-mother. I have no memories. Even when I look at the few photos I have of a few of them (and I mean a few - maybe two or three photos). So the holidays spent raising our daughter, and now ones spent with my grandsons, are so special to me. I go over the photos again and again each year, imprinting them on my memory so that I never ever forget another one.

I hope you had a good Christmas, and that all of us see a good new year.
(p.s. Astute viewers will notice that the background where the television is has changed ... we originally had an old table with leafs that had speakers on them, and then we had the chance to receive some free glass shelf units that give me much more horizontal space in our small living room.)
(p.p.s. I've had the plural of Christmas spelled three ways now! What in the world is the correct way?)


Midlife Jobhunter said...

Hahahahhaha! Still laughing over the underwear on the head. Think I've seen that before in my own family.

Thanks for sharing these photos. Your tree is beautiful, but what I like best are the pictures of you with your grandkids. Such lovely memories you are creating for them.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

ethelmaepotter! said...

What fun pictures! I would have been torn between the two tree pictures, too, and I LOVE your hand painted ornaments! Especially the one with the turtle in boots, hat, and scarf - so cute!
May the new year bring many more heartwarming family moments for you all.

Bernie said...

Your christmas sounds wonderful and I love your wooden painted ornamanets, they are lovely. Your grandsons are sweet, I am so happy you have such happy memories of Christmas with your own family, so very important.....:-) hugs

lakeviewer said...

Lovely memories for your grandchildren and the rest of the family. Love those home-made ornaments.

Bernie said...

I hope Garrett doesn't ever lose his love of drawing. I so enjoyed your Christmas pictures. Looks like you are making up for the lost ones really in great shape. Lots of love there. It shows.

glnroz said...

glad you and your bunch had a happy and merry Christmas..glenn

Dan said...

Very nice, W2W! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel so much more "centered" now, having seen your tree, your hubby, your dogs in the scene, and YOU!!

No tree this year. Nothing to put UP. Just a furbaby sitting with us watching TV.

Life is good again. FINALLY!

Lorna said...

I also laughed at the underwear on the head photos (the best!), and your original manger. There's something sweet about the early days with Christmas favorites! They hold so much love :) Looks like your whole family had a wonderful time. Happy New Year!

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

What a wonderful tree!! I love the dark photo a lot.

And those wooden ornaments are amazing! You're one talented woman!

Glad you had a great Christmas!

Timoteo said...

I've worn underwear on my head too--but then, I'm easily confused !

Ginger said...

It looks like you had a fun Christmas, the kids and dogs enjoyed it too.
I'll have to blog about mine, soon. It was a redneck Christmas, lol.

Silver said...

I like the first picture of the tree than the second. It seems warmer and has a sense of glow in it. Everyone looked like they had a great time!


Jeanie said...

The pictures with you and your grandkids are a real treasure. I didn't do very well with pictures this year....not sure why, but I do have similiar light and dark tree pics. I love that you let them arrange and rearrange the village.

Joanna said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I just love the picture of Eva Jean. There is just something about boxers. They all seem part human to me. Maybe it is their wonderfully expressive faces. All of your animals are lucky to have such a fabulous home!

Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year!

Missy B. said...

Loved the pictures. Your tree is beautiful and I love your tree skirt! I don't think that it is weird that you put Annabelle's ashes under the tree....I understand how you feel.

Michele R said...

I loved your pictures. All I can say that is top of my mind is that you seem like a WONDERFUL grandma. Your love for them and your animals is incredible.

glnroz said...

Glad the "sacks" got there on time. I am taking your suggestion and reposting some of the old stories, that I can find, On Serendepitous Surplus' If you would care to check them out. I am always unsure if you get my comments or not..Thanks..

Wendy said...

Oops, I somehow missed this post. And I totally remember those ornaments of yours. I loved that little turtle!