Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Woman's Perogative

I've been looking at all the templates for this blog, and have decided that I like this one better. It seems to be easier to read, and has a more fun look. But don't be surprised if I change my mind again somewhere along the way! It's a woman's right, and I like to exercise it on occasion. Also, I haven't figured out yet how to add other blog addresses, and there are several I want to be sure to show so that you can visit them, so will check in with my blog expert friends to get their advice (because I can't understand the directions the blog people are giving me, and they're saying that whatever it is that I'm trying to do is wrong).

So this is how I'm spending my cloudy Saturday morning, listening to the rap music that Garrett the 6 year old has tuned into on the tv (yikes! can my nerves handle that for long?), and still reading directions for the blog that I started before I knew what I was doing. Who knew there were so many choices to make - settings, layouts, editing, creating. If you've read the 25 Random Things Abut Me on Facebook, you already know that I can't follow written directions, so this is all a real challenge for me! I work by trial and error, mostly error, usually half-assed, so bear with me as I work my way thru all this!

The good news: Garrett let me change from the rap channel to Animal Planet!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Favorite Phrases

The reason I've chosen this for my second posting is because I found myself using almost all of my favorite phrases today. You know - those phrases we have for different occasions, like "holy moly", "geez louise", "fu...udge".

I have quite a few, many of them quite dated. David and I taught the boys early on the all-purpose usefulness of "how cool is that!" and "is that cool or what!". Melody and Brent (the s-i-l) gave me orders (i.e. dirty looks) to not use "duh" and "whatever" around the boys, but that was a losing battle. As it was with "bla bla bla". I've been REALLY good about not using the F word, "shit" and "hell" around the boys, but in private they are still my words of choice for almost any occasion.

Anyway, this morning the day began with a huge clap of unexpected thunder, which illicited an equally huge "holy crap". Then I was trying to retrieve some stuff from my over-cluttered (not to mention tiny) laundry room and some other stuff fell off the shelf onto my head, which brought forth a "what the F-N hell!" (though, of course, I didn't use the initials), followed by "give me a f-n break", followed by "seriously?", followed by "are you f'-n kidding me" as the situation went from bad to worse in my efforts to get the fallen stuff back up on the shelf.

The good news: I found my cheese slicer in the Overflow Kitchen Utensils box. "Woohoo!"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I had no idea that chosing a blog title would be so difficult! I have two sheets of paper with ideas, all starting with the notion that I wanted to be a spot where friends and family or passersby in search of good conversation could drop in for a spell. We could sit at a kitchen table. Or in a garden. At a pub or coffee shop.

A google search of the word "wayside" (which had just hopped into my brain out of nowhere) found the John Lee Hooker song "I was standing by the wayside, just trying to flag myself a ride". Then there's a German Proverb "fair flowers are not left standing along the wayside long". Or there's "Fringes of the Wayside" by Steve Inglis, which sounded pretty cool! Just what IS the wayside, and why did that word jump into my head? In the old fashioned sense, the wayside is simply the side of the road, and the road is a path affording passage from one place to another. That's it, I said to myself! I want to be the roadside stand where you stop to pick up fresh tomatoes and cataloupe or a cold glass of lemonade! A stop to refresh yourself as you travel down the sometimes confusing and frustrating, often too crowded, and more often than not very impersonal ... internet highway!

So what can you expect when you wander to the wayside to visit me? Hmm. More often than not, you'll just find me talking to myself, hoping that you'll feel comfortable enough to chime in from time to time (preferably with a paragraph!) Not exactly a Dear Diary, and not a Gratitude Journal. Maybe I'll be talking about my grandsons and the joys and frustrations of being a grandmother (mawmaw). Or about animals and animal rights and my attempts at making sense of animal neglect, or about my volunteering efforts for the cause. My view of current events. The frustrations, fears, and joys associated with getting older (I turned 60 this year). My garden battles with fire ants or the bliss of having a pair of blue birds sitting on my deck. Well, I just won't know until the time comes!

What I can tell you is this: my blog won't be about step-by-step craft projects, home schooling, details of a dream vacation to the Bahamas or the Alps, or about religion or politics. It won't be about a novel in the works, or a new poem I've written. It might be about a favorite tv show that was on. Or a song just released. Nothing deep beyond casual musings on life in general - and my life in particular.

One final thought on this my first blog entry. I'm known to be socially shy, but I have no shortage of written words! I like to say that I wax poetic, but the truth is that I just get carried away with the "sound" and beauty of the written word, that I use ten words where two would do the job. As I was exploring the use of the phrase "by the wayside", I was led to an article with that title written about Stanford Cazier, former president of Utah State University. Pulling out a small section from it describing his verbal skills will tell you a little about my own method of writing: "The words spill out ... as if there are more words and ideas inside than can possibly be addressed. They are cluttered with asides and fragments and insights and tangents and observations on everything...They seem to flow from an inexhaustible fount, building a verbal edifice that is immediatley torn down and replaced with a grander one, weaving and pulsing in an all-inclusive commentary on the mysteries of nature and man's place within it."

No one will be writing articles like that about me - I'm just saying that I sometimes get carried away! But I hope that you will enjoy what you find here, that you will be refreshed by your visit, that you will return from time to time, and that you will share some of your thoughts with me. Let's face it, there are a gazillion blogs out there and only so much time in a person's day to check them out. Come by when you can, and send a shout out if you care to.