Friday, February 27, 2009

Favorite Phrases

The reason I've chosen this for my second posting is because I found myself using almost all of my favorite phrases today. You know - those phrases we have for different occasions, like "holy moly", "geez louise", "fu...udge".

I have quite a few, many of them quite dated. David and I taught the boys early on the all-purpose usefulness of "how cool is that!" and "is that cool or what!". Melody and Brent (the s-i-l) gave me orders (i.e. dirty looks) to not use "duh" and "whatever" around the boys, but that was a losing battle. As it was with "bla bla bla". I've been REALLY good about not using the F word, "shit" and "hell" around the boys, but in private they are still my words of choice for almost any occasion.

Anyway, this morning the day began with a huge clap of unexpected thunder, which illicited an equally huge "holy crap". Then I was trying to retrieve some stuff from my over-cluttered (not to mention tiny) laundry room and some other stuff fell off the shelf onto my head, which brought forth a "what the F-N hell!" (though, of course, I didn't use the initials), followed by "give me a f-n break", followed by "seriously?", followed by "are you f'-n kidding me" as the situation went from bad to worse in my efforts to get the fallen stuff back up on the shelf.

The good news: I found my cheese slicer in the Overflow Kitchen Utensils box. "Woohoo!"


Malinda said...

I am laughing! I could just imagine you saying just these things! I use some of the same phrases! Maybe I learned some of them from you! (the nicer ones, since I grew up knowing all the bad ones!) I try to never cuss in front of the kids, but one time I was driving my daughter, who was 4, to her dance class, at night, in the dark - and I was starting to turn down a one way street, but I was going the wrong way, (it was an exit off the highway)! Luckily people beeped at me before I hit anyone, but at the first beep and realization of the situation "Holy Fu***ng Sh*t" came out of my mouth as I slammed on the brakes, backed up and turned on the next street down! Good thing she was only 4; she never repeated my scream. Though she did like to go outside and sing "hell, hell, hell" as loudly as she could. What can I say, I don't cuss around her, but there are plenty of others who do!

Wander to the Wayside said...

I'm sure you DID learn some of them from me, because I never filtered my language for Melody, so by extension I wouldn't have for you either! I guess when it comes to language we hope our kids don't pick these things up, but obviously they will on the playground if nowhere else. And hopefully they'll have enough of a filter to watch their words when in front of the preacher!

Wendy said...

We totally cuss around the kids and try our best to keep them away from preachers, so I think we're fine.

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

I'm 50/50 on the cussing around Kam, or more like 80/20. I'm hoping he'll learn to use it appropriately and not in front of people that will be offended by it.

I stopped myself a few months ago just after "Son of Aaaaaah..." and Kam so politely questioned "Bitch?"

And just the other day at Dee Dee's, Joey said "What the HECK?!?" and Kam followed with "Why you say what the hell, Jo Jo?" Joey replies, "Ah, I didn't." Kids are Great!