Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Woman's Perogative

I've been looking at all the templates for this blog, and have decided that I like this one better. It seems to be easier to read, and has a more fun look. But don't be surprised if I change my mind again somewhere along the way! It's a woman's right, and I like to exercise it on occasion. Also, I haven't figured out yet how to add other blog addresses, and there are several I want to be sure to show so that you can visit them, so will check in with my blog expert friends to get their advice (because I can't understand the directions the blog people are giving me, and they're saying that whatever it is that I'm trying to do is wrong).

So this is how I'm spending my cloudy Saturday morning, listening to the rap music that Garrett the 6 year old has tuned into on the tv (yikes! can my nerves handle that for long?), and still reading directions for the blog that I started before I knew what I was doing. Who knew there were so many choices to make - settings, layouts, editing, creating. If you've read the 25 Random Things Abut Me on Facebook, you already know that I can't follow written directions, so this is all a real challenge for me! I work by trial and error, mostly error, usually half-assed, so bear with me as I work my way thru all this!

The good news: Garrett let me change from the rap channel to Animal Planet!


Teresa said...

I do like the template you picked! Oh and yes, my kitties are brothers from the same litter although they are as different as night & day!

Malinda said...

I love how you can come here and feel free to share your life and know that there is no right way and no wrong way, there is only your way. Your perspective is different than mine, possibly, because you have different challenges in your life and a different path to take to get where you are going. That makes your way the perfect way for you. Someone else's way is not the right way or the wrong way, just the perfect way for them. You sharing your perspective and encouraging others to share theirs without it being the right way or the wrong way, allows everyone to take from someone else's perspective whatever may be helpful to them on their own perfect journey. And thank goodness we have different ways of doing things because then it would be boring. Different perspectives is what make up ALL the colors of the rainbow. Keep sharing your ways - I love to hear them!