Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wander to the Wayside: Cowboy Church

Early on a recent Sunday morning, I headed out to Walmart to beat the church crowd. Camera in lap, I was prepared for just about anything ... except cows on the loose.

I didn't see them at first, but gradually my eye picked them out. I backed up so as not to scare them, and looked around to see what might be going on or where they might have come from. I was prepared, if necessary, to go to the nearest house to see if they had accidentally escaped from there. Having experienced something like this before, but on a main highway at night where a mama and her calf had been killed, I didn't want that to happen in this situation.

After I backed up, I hoped that the cows would go into the driveway that leads to the Cowboy Church, and suspected that they probably belonged to someone in the immediate area who is actually associated with the church.

Unfortunately, the cows took a wrong turn, and ended up facing a fence with no means of entry to the field beyond.

Oops! Now what? Who said cows are dumb ... they turned around in just a few seconds time, and headed right into the Cowboy Church parking lot.

I figured they'd be safe there, and, since many people actually bring their horses and saddles, I had no doubt that the cows would be safely penned until after church and later returned to the rightful owners. I'd say that, all and all, the cows had had a short and thankfully uneventful early morning walk before the church crowd showed up.

This is the church mailbox. There's a similar silhouette on the gate that I accidentally deleted from My Pictures and camera.

Continuing on down the road, I took this photo of something, but can't figure out what. The dead tree looked cool up against the green, so decided to keep it.

This field of hay was just gorgeous in the early morning light and shadows.
It's just been too darn hot here in Georgia to do much wandering around ... especially since I don't have a working air conditioner. (Though my defroster, much to everyone's surprise and bewilderment, does put out cool air that make's it relatively comfortable.)


Ginger said...

I like the picture of the country road with the cows just wandering. Boy, you'd hate to hit one of those with your vehicle. I wish we had some of your heat. It's been cold here, and windy. I just came in from outside and have my jacket on.
This is the 6th day of gusting wind.

Being Lila said...

Hi, love the pics, which reminded me of my sojourn through Indian country and seeing loose dogs and horses along the roadside--and then there was that moose that I didn't get a picture of. Of well.

Being Lila said...

That was supposed to be "Oh well." Duh

Wendy said...

I wish this had been posted on Sunday. This would have been perfect for Small Town Snapshot Sunday! Maybe next week??