Friday, February 19, 2010

My Week in Review

This was the first year that Garrett played basketball, and I haven't been to any of the games because (a) I don't do sports, (b) I babysat Conner so Melody didn't have to chase him around during the games, and (c) I don't have to if I don't want to. This past Saturday, however, was the last game, and I had promised him from the beginning that I would go to that one.

I won't bore you with a bunch of photos of the game, but this is him in the center, doing basketball stuff. It looks a little like some kind of dance, doesn't it, with everyone waving their arms!

And this is Conner, trying to explain to me why he should spend the night after the game, which he did end up doing. (he's very convincing)

Sunday, Valentine's day, we celebrated three little boy February birthdays at the Chattanooga Zoo. Garrett would turn seven on the 16th.

They each had an Alabama Crimson Tide cake with their name on it.

They took us on a tour of the zoo...and no, I won't show you all the photos! Except these. Like the chimp above, one of several who entertained us or just sat and looked at us.

These birds were so beautiful! Look at those colors!

Aren't these the most fascinating monkeys ever? Their faces are like shrunken little men. If you look closely or enlarge, you can see a baby on her back. (Hmmm. Actually, no you can't. He's either not there, or very well hidden.) (No - wait - it is there, on the left shoulder, you can just make out his nose about even with the mother's nose!)In fact, I have a video of a tiny pair of twins that were also on display, but I didn't have sense enough to use the zoom, and didn't have my reading glasses on to actually see what was on the screen.. So never mind on that one.

Garrett says this is some kind of deer, but I'm not so sure and forgot to look. But they're definitely interesting looking.

This is just the boys posing on a statue, and Conner insisting on climbing it even though he could barely hold on!

This was my attempt at being artistic by taking the photo thru the wire fence. Just as I started to click he put his wings down.

In addition to the tour of the zoo, they also had a hands-on presentation in the cabin. I touched the snake so the boys would think I was cool, but only the boys actually did this, hold the snake! Actually, Conner had me hold him and stay way at the back!

He was, however, more than willing to tickle the tummy of the iguana. He looks pretty tickled himself, doesn't he!

And to finish off my week, here is Conner playing in the SWIMMING POOL! In February, a week after our third snow and record low temperatures! It's been in the low 50s this week, and today will apparently be near 60! Huh? And then in another week or two it will be back to winter. Is it any wonder that the plants are confused? And so are the people! (Yes, those are Woody pajamas, and it is the middle of the afternoon. And he wore them to Lowes and Wendy's.)
Speaking of plants, my hydrangeas have green buds, and the tulips and lilies are poking up. And, much to my surprise, the hellebores have fragile-looking but tough white flowers under the frost- burned foliage. I don't want to clean them up yet as the foliage is protecting the flowers from any further frost, but as soon as possible I'll have to get a photo up as they are gorgeous.
My next post will be next Tuesday about my visit with Dana and Joe. Woohoo!


Lorna said...

Love the photos; the boys are so CUTE! Good that you get to be with them :) The snake one freaked me (only a little) but boys are brave!

lakeviewer said...

What a treat to see your grandchildren and their birthday party at the zoo. Lovely. I do miss those days when my children were in sports/performing events.

Bernie said...

It looks like you had a great week, loved seeing the pictures of your grandsons....not a fan of snakes and know I couldn't of done as much as you did my friend, oh to be a cool grandma. I hope this week will hold as many fun times with the boys and the sun keeps shining ..... yay........:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

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Dan said...

Nice post, W2W. I loved your a,b&c. I need to do a better job of c!!!


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Great shots!

I slung a snake around my neck once too, and lived to tell about it. I'm either very brave or very stupid...

Oh, and I love Anonymous' comment above. Genius.

Timoteo said...

Since there's no BALL visible anywhere in the first picture, I think you got confused and were actually at a DANCE where all the girls were too shy to get out on the floor.

Jeanie said...

I have been going to 3 kids basketball games every Saturday since Mid-January....I love it.
This was my 7 year old granddaughter's first year to play so those were especially fun. The Zoo birthdays looked like everyone had a great time. I think I would have kept my distance from the snake. We don't even have crocus poking up yet (they are usually the first) but hoping to see them soon.

glnroz said...

that looks like all had a great time. They grow up so fast...

Ginger said...

You've got the cutest grandsons!! So glad you went to see Garrett play in the last game.
I haven't been to a zoo in years, but I always loved watching the monkeys. I think they have the funniest personalities.
Happy Birthday to Garrett!!
Say hi to Dana and Joe for me.
I had that same annoymous comment on one of my posts. Weird.

kobico said...

I still like the bird through the fence, even though its wings were down. It has a great head of "hair" I think.

glnroz said...

OK, i will stop saying "THAT" is you will start posting more often. lol.. I enjoy reading and seeing the phots... me

Michele R said...

Oh, boys and sports and animals--yeah, that's what we do too! Last weekend's glorious weather was a bone thrown at us to get thru several more weeks of this cold!

Wendy said...

I love that picture of Garrett and the snake!

And, ya, as homeschoolers, Joey often wears pjs all day long. I love that.

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