Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oliver, Sunset, Bluebirds, Wrens, and Lewie the Blewy

It's been a while since I posted a photo of my little Oliver, so here are two. I don't have a story to go with them...just wanted you to see how cute and sweet he is. Twelve pounds of love!

Also don't have a story to go with the sunset, except that it was at the end of a horrifically hot and humid day, and obviously beautiful!

I haven't had much luck with bird stories, but will try one more time. Three weeks ago, Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird began testing this hanging birdhouse on the deck. Knowing that they sometimes start several, we weren't sure if this would be a keeper. It was. Mrs. Bluebird is now sitting, and the birds should hatch within the week.
Mr. Bluebird has been quite busy keeping those pesky sparrows away, though they haven't been as much of a problem this year as last as most went on to greener pastures when we had the hawk hanging around. And, apparently, the maurading mockingbirds have been busy harrassing someone else's nest, as they haven't been a problem either ... yet. He sits here next to or in this old feeder above the box or in a nearby bush, and is very attentive to Mrs. Bluebirds needs. I'm disappointed, though, that the birdhouse is facing away from the kitchen window, as we'd have to have a tall ladder to be able to see what's going on inside, and they might not be happy if I took it down or turned it around at this point as it wouldn't face out into the yard.

Why, you may be asking, is this pathetic looking geranium covered with a cereal box? Because of these...
On the hottest porch in town, which gets blazing and reflected sun from sun-up til 2pm, in a geranium that I somehow managed to baby thru the winter in the house, is now home to a nest of Carolina wren eggs. I know that mama birds know how to take care of their babies, but I was thinking she might not have known exactly how hot this spot would be in our unseasonably hot June. After watching her hanging her head out and panting, I cut up a cereal box and put one half of it on top of the plant to block the sun, and would take it down in the afternoon. The plant is blooming now and blocking the sun, so I can leave them alone (except for occasionally putting a little water on the front side to keep the plant alive). She didn't seem to be bothered by the box or by me coming and going out the front door, though I did put reflective tape and a note across the steps requesting everyone to move slowing and quietly! If all goes well (and we all know that it doesn't always), we will have babies in the next few days. And I will not become emotionally attached this time!

Last but not least, I'd like to introduce you to my birthday gift from the two grandsons back in May - Lewie the Bluey, a male blue betta. I haven't mentioned him before because I wasn't sure if he was going to live due to the 'tomato sauce incident', or that you would believe me if I told you what happened! It would sound like a 'fish tale', just like the one I read at a blogger friend's place when she posted about a fish she had had as a girl that was blinded because of a broken bowl, which I thought was a fish tale but that she swears really happened.

Anyway, I was cleaning Lewie's bowl and had put him in his little plastic holding dish, then went to put him back in the cleaned bowl with the dark green net. Did I mention that I was right next to a cluttered sink, that I didn't have my glasses on, and that he's a dark blue with a greenish tinge? Oh, and maybe I had my head up my butt?

Long story short, I thought I had got him back into his bowl from the net, tossed the net in the sink, looked back at the bowl, and there was no fish. Looked in the sink, saw he was still in the net, picked up the net, and he fell out...into a can of tomato sauce from the night before that was soaking to loosen up the dried tomato sauce residue. I hurriedly tried to get him out, pouring the water into my hand thinking I'd catch him, but fish being fish, he slid back down into the cluttered sink, underneath dirty dishes and silverware.

I finally got hold of the poor fish and put him back into his bowl, but the next week was touch and go. I thought at the very least he'd be blind from contact with the tomato sauce, or emotionally damaged from his tour of the sink. For the next week or so he wouldn't eat. Nothing. I don't know how he survived at all, actually, and was preparing the boys for his imminent death. Luckily, that didn't happen. He is alive and well, eating like a pig, and so glad to see me when I walk into the room. He's right here at my computer, and I do believe he knows the sound of my voice as when I speak he does rapid laps around his bowl. And that's not my imagination!


Jeanie said...

We don't have any bird nests around the house this year which is probably a good thing since there is almost always an "incident". The only ones that have made it are a nest in the retractable awning over part of our deck which has made us not able to open the awning for a lot of the summer in the years they were there. I hope yours make it long enough to fly away.
I laughed and laughed at your fish story. I could just see you fumbling around in the sink looking for Lewie. My grandkids have beta fish that have lived for years and I'm sure they haven't always gotten the most gentle treatment.

yaya said...

Oliver is a cutie! Why do birds build nests where they do? Are they trying not to succeed? I haven't figured that out yet. Thankfully both robin nests were successfully nurtured, hatched, fed, and fled...our cat didn't even try to accost them. Fish on the other hand are not my fav pet. I never thought they were warm and fuzzy and interactive. Now I know I'm wrong and feel guilty about the many that I put out of "my" misery via the toilet bowl. Beautiful sunset!

lakeviewer said...

Between the bird eggs and the fish story, I've been entertained royally. You have luck with living things!

Timoteo said...

What a bizarre story...I hope Lewie gets a companion in there--everybody needs a little company.

Michele R said...

I have enjoyed your bird and fish stories this morning! How neat that the baby birds have a roof over their porch now. And I want a blue fish now.
P.S. I thought tomato juice baths were only when one got sprayed by a skunk!

glnroz said...

An emotionally damaged fish? Now I believe I hav e heard it all,, lol.. but I am glad he or she recovered... You do luv them animals dont ya,, glenn

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Oh Linda,your big beautiful,loving and caring heart shined all thru this post and I enjoyed it so much,thank you. ((hugs))

Wendy said...

Wow, he is one tough little fish!

We once brought home a couple of fish from a friend's wedding (they were in fishbowls as centerpieces). That night one of them actually jumped out of the little temporary fishbowl we had him in. We found him panting on the counter and immediately scooped him back into the water. Unfortunately, he didn't survive the next day. So, double yay for Bluey!

Bernie said...

Oliver is a real cutie, hope the birds make it and am still chuckling over Bluey.....you couldn't make that up if you wanted too. Love your heart my friend......:-) Hugs

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Glad the hawk and mockingbirds left. I so look forward to closer pictures of the elusive bluebird. Still have never seen one in earl life.

And I love those Beta fish. My last once live for life three years - regardless of my poor tank change abilities. I love the way they bring life to a room in such an easy manner.

Wildlife abounds. Always something to look at. Including that cloud shot. Like a bird of some sort.

Wine and Words said...

You can tell so much about a person by what they surround themselves with :)

So cute, that dog!

CHERI said...

Hi, Linda. The fish story is hilarious! Glad he survived! Also love what you did to protect the bird nest. We always have little wrens nest in the ferns hanging on our porch. Right now we are keeping tabs on two. You commented on my blog and asked if I took the park pictures with the grands with my new camera. Yes, I did...YEAH! I'm trying to be patient with myself as I learn how to use it. I am also slowly trying to learn how to use PICASA. One blogger that has gorgeous pics says that's what she uses. It's supposed to be SIMPLE....but leave it to me to make it COMPLICATED!!! Thanks for visiting...come back soon!

kobico said...

You certainly have a variety of animals! I'm glad Lewie is okay and that the two of you seem to have bonded after the little incident.

CHERI said...

I just won my first (maybe only) BLOG AWARD. I am to share it with 15 people and I chose you as I really enjoy your blog. Please don't feel you have to participate, however, because as I understand it some bloggers don't like to deal with awards. I felt I needed to try it at least once since someone was kind enough to visit my blog and share with me. See my blog to better understand.

ethelmaepotter! said...

That is one hardy fish! But I do think he may need a little fish therapist...

Your baby is beautiful! I love that long silky coat - do you keep it long in the summer? I just had my two new pups hair cut very short, and I'm sorta regretting it - they look like little rodents!

MWebster said...

So glad that Lewie the Bluey is okay. What an adventure! When it comes to freshwater fish, male betta's are definitely my favorite, and we've had a few. I love the way they respond - and no, I definitely don't think it's just your imagination! It's a good thing, too, since they are by necessity solo fish! :)
Oliver is adorable. His coloring looks quite similar to our little Keani's, a Tibetan Spaniel.

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