Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I tried putting music into this post in honor of the day, and to kick off what I hope will be my weekly Musical Monday (I know, not very original!). Unfortunately, I still can't get it to work, so I guess it'll be on the side bar. I could have picked a pretty celtic tune, but have chosen The Unicorn Song because it's so fun to sing. At least Conner and I had fun singing it! Give it a try - the louder the better! You'll be surprised at how many words you remember and how much you'll smile.

Three of my great-grandparents sailed from Cork County, Ireland to the Galveston/New Orleans area. With the surnames of Grimes, Moran, and Crawley, you just can't get much more Irish than that! The closest I come to exhibiting any Irish traits is my temper. .. and liking the Irish Tenors and Lord of the Dance.

Have a fun-filled St. Patrick's Day!


Wendy said...

I didn't realize you were so Irish! And if it weren't in the middle of the gd night, I'd put on some Drop Kick Murphy's or Floggy Molly. They're not pretty Irish tunes, but hard drinkin music.

And when I get a chance I'll try to do a screen capture of how to add the music to a post (as well as how to edit a post). I just need to find my microphone so I can talk you through it.

K. Now I'm going to bed for a few hours.

Malinda said...

That's awesome to have a song list (I'm still not an experienced blog reader, obviously!) We grew up with the Irish Rovers - Children of the Unicorn! I try to play it for my kids, but they don't hear it as much as I did growing up! I love Irish music!
P.S. You're right, I teared up listening to Dance With My Father! That's a powerful song!