Thursday, March 5, 2009

word of the day

OHMYGODITHURTS!!!!!!! I had a root canal this morning, and the shots are wearing off, and OHMYGODITHURTS!!!!!!! The pain is fifty times worse than the tooth was in the first place! Even the hydrocodone isn't phasing it! Let me repeat the word for the day: OHMYGODITHURTS!!!!!!!! I know the pain is mostly from the areas where the shots were given, but OHMYGODITHURTS!!!!!!! How is it possible for something to hurt so bad and yet I'm still conscious?

Lest you didn't catch the word of the day, it's: OHMYGODITHURTS!!!!!!!


Wendy said...

Teeth pain is the worst. Are you feeling better yet? I'd rather go through labor again than have mouth pain.

Wait a minute... don't you have dentures? How does that work?

Wander to the Wayside said...

Yes, I have full dentures on top, and a partial on the bottom attached to four real teeth. So it was one of the real teeth. It's much better now, though still very sensitive from the shots that it required in the jaw joint and at the tooth itself. Believe me, I have had a LOT of dental work in my 60 years, and some abcesses. But this was the absolute most intense pain I have ever experienced, like a cattle prod stuck into a cavity, on the left side of the face. I only have two pain pills left, so it better get manageable fast! You may be wondering "how could she not take good enough care of only four teeth?" Good question! I actually brush them after every tiny thing I eat, and swish with water after a sweet drink like coke, and floss ... and it just happened. Go figure! By the way, Brent did my root canal, and it was NOT his fault! He's actually one of the best dentists I've ever been to as far as being gentle and explaining everything along the way and asking every few minutes was I ok. And I'm not just saying that because he's my son-in-law! Did I mention ... it was free! One of the perks! (Of course, I feel guilty about that as it took an hour and a half, so this is a little different from a free cleaning!)