Monday, April 20, 2009

"Venus" - First Feel

The summer of 1962, between eighth grade and ninth, my family was getting ready to move from Ft. Worth to Dallas. I was home alone during the day, and against all the rules I had a boy over. Stephen - red hair, freckles, and cute as the dickens. Back then we remained relatively innocent until a much later age than today's teens, so this was a very risky and scarey thing for me.

I don't remember a lot about that day or how long he was there, but I do remember one five minute period of time, as it is etched in my memory with a spotlight on it. We were in the living room, he was sitting in a chair, I was sitting crossways in his lap, we kissed ... and he gently and timidly touched the side of my breast. On the radio playing in the background was Frankie Avalon singing "Venus". And - how romantic is this - he said that I would always be his gift from Venus, and every time he heard this song in the future he would think of me.

Does it get any better than that for a young girl in the first flush of young womanhood? My first feel up, first base, and it went no further than that because we were both still innocent to the ways of sex. Back in the day, most girls waited until at least 10th grade to go all the way!

So, for today's Musical Monday, I have chosen the song that I ran across accidentally when searching other playlists... "Venus" by Frankie Avalon.

Do you remember the first ROMANTIC encounter that you had? And is there any particular song that takes you back to that moment or that time period?

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Malinda said...

My husband and I met in highschool. I was a junior and he was a senior. We were very serious about being in love. So much so that the mushiness oozing out of us could make us all quite queezy these days - ahhh teenage love. Besides the constant poetry and sentimental offerings for eachother, the many different kisses we practiced, like the butterfly kiss with our eyelashes (I'm sure my husband would want to remember doing that one!), the agony in our hearts if we could not see eachother that day - aside from all of that, we of course had many, many meaningful songs, one for every important moment in our lives, I'm sure. One of the most important ones, and I can't remember the exact first moment this became one of "our" songs was "Heat of the Moment" by Asia. I just listened to it again and sure enough it brought me right back to all those feelings of new love. We broke up for a year when he went to college and we never played that song again. How sweet it would be now to listen to it together!