Monday, April 27, 2009

Wednesday's Wander to the Wayside

Every other Thursday I babysit in the infants room for a church Mom's group fifteen minutes from my home. These photos are taken on one stretch of road between here and there.

I'm taking these photos out the car window, as opposed to stopping and getting out of the car. This can get dangerous, because most of these roads have ditches instead of shoulders! In most cases, I stop in the middle of the road, watch my rear view mirror closely, and try to quickly take the shot. Although this isn't a major thoroughfare, it is quite heavily traveled during the day, so I don't recommend this technique!

I'll try not to do all barns, fences, cows and horses on these wanderings, but there are a lot of them around here, and they're among my favorite things! They have so much character, and are such a nice change from the cookie cutter neighborhoods.

I was especially excited that the photo of the horse revealed the laundry in the background, which I then shot by itself. And I had stopped to take a photo of a barn when I noticed the old house or shed next door-with the coca cola cooler on the porch! I thought the tractor in the barn looked like a giant bug.

Thanks for joining me on this drive today. We'll have to do it again sometime ... how about next Wednesday?

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Ginger said...

I love these pictures. There is something about a barn in the country that draws me in. I don't care what kind of condition it's in, I love seeing them. Your neck of the woods is really neat. Thanks for taking these pictures. I do the same thing on a road if it's not busy...stop right in the middle of the road and snap away.