Monday, April 6, 2009

Over the Rainbow

My mind seems to be scattered into so many areas today that a theme for Musical Monday just didn't readily come to mind. But having read the news online this morning, and watching Good Morning America, I think my favorite version of Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World should fit the bill to erase all the depressing news from my mind, and hopefully yours!

Of course, no one can beat the original Judy Garland version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, or Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World, but from the first time I heard Kamakawiwo's version I knew this would forever be my favorite. If you close your eyes and really listen to the words, you can almost transport yourself, at least for a moment, to that idealized world that these songs describe.

Do you have a favorite song for when the world news or things going on in your life seem to be getting you down?


Malinda said...

I LOVE this song! It's happy and upbeat and the words are uplifting - I'm glad you posted it here!

Malinda said...

OK - you're post made me think about what song makes me feel better and I had to go looking through my CD's to find the actual name of it and then I came across all the CD's that have those one special songs on them that mean something to me, or make me feel a certain way and before I knew it, my daughter and I were just dancing our hearts out! Too much fun :)
Well, the one song that really gets to me, ever since I was about 20 is Storms in Africa by Enya. It's not so much the lyrics, which are a celtic language and translate to something like "walk through the storm", which I understand to mean it will be ok - you will get through it - it is the whole package of her voice, the language, the instruments, everything. And it doesn't just make me feel better. Somehow it seems to replenish my life force and I feel like all the possibilities are in front of me to choose! It's very magical for me.
Also, Turn It On by Lindsey Buckingham, is a song that inspired me to consider getting back together with my husband when we listened to it together in his Chevy truck one fateful day! It still inspires me today!

Wander to the Wayside said...

I've done the same thing, getting lost looking for a song or a photo! You start out looking for one thing, and BAM! you've sat there for three hours and had a blast or cried your eyes out! I did that recently when looking for my best songs/books/quotes on FB, and I think it's such a good thing, like looking back at where you've been. (Thanks for commenting, Malinda!)