Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and better fall photos

I guess I'll go ahead and get posting multiple photos out of my system, and hope you aren't too burnt out on them to come for another ride. But first ...

Conner (above) is a cowboy, and not near as mean or grouchy looking as this photo! Garrett (below) is a ninja, and really getting into the role!

Just so you don't think that we're all about old, falling down houses and buildings ... enlarge this photo above to see this monstrosity of a house sitting on this prime real estate. It's one of the ugliest houses I've ever seen, very cold and unfriendly looking, more like an office building than a home. The building off to the right is their garage (which is bigger than our whole house including the attached garage).

I don't know why, but you hardly ever see silos any more, do you? Where do they put the grain nowadays?

This house above is just down the road from the other one, but much more homey looking despite it's size. More the stereotypical English manor. It's just gorgeous sitting at the back of this always green pasture with that ridge of trees behind it. I'm thinking they have a library with a huge fireplace and leather chairs, maybe a butler to serve a hot toddy on a cold evening. The view from the back of the house and on the patio must be gorgeous. The downside would be the falling leaves, but I'm sure they have someone to take care of that for them!

This was the view out our back door from the deck the other morning. Very cloudy and cold, but it was one of those surreal times when it's real early and the sound is muffled and clear at the same time, and the birds just waking up. I just stood there for several minutes, drinking in all that peace and beauty...and freezing my butt off before going inside to drink in a cup of hot coffee.
Some months back I posted a picture of an old antique/junk store down the street that has a phone number for you to call if you want to buy anything. Here it is again, but closer and with three views. I pulled in and looked, but didn't call.

Look at that old washing machine at the front post! I'm thinking I really need to just get out and look at some of this stuff even if I don't plan on buying...I have plenty of my own junk. Though it's not as cool as his junk. Hmmm. I guess I could use a few yard doodads.

If you enlarge this photo you can see some of the stuff on the porch, including an old piano on the far left.

I guess this wagon is an antique or special in some way since they have it displayed like this.
If you visit me regularly, you know that I love this type of view - panoramic.. or is it idyllic...or pastoral? Or all of the above?

Ok, I could have photo shopped this one to darken and contrast and make the colors sharper...but I forgot or picked the wrong one. One thing I've noticed is that we don't get a lot of reds except in trees planted in peoples yards, like red maples.

The photo above occurred on Halloween. It was supposed to be cloudy and possibly even rain, but all of a sudden at sunset the clouds parted and we were treated to this incredible sight. These houses are directly across the street from us, so there was no way I could get the shot without them in it. What a sight to behold...and to top it off, there soon appeared a rainbow (which my camera didn't pick up)! Kind of like the golden ridge was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Ok, I think I have it out of my system now, the photo posting. I know Fall is pretty much the same everywhere, and there have been some lovely photos posted elsewhere of other areas of our country, but I appreciate that I just have to step out our front door. Thanks for stopping by to enjoy the wonders of the wayside in my neck of the woods!


glnroz said...

Such a scenic area, The colors are great. did you get your book?

lakeviewer said...

I can't get enough of these panoramic pictures and pictures of old buildings.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Such gorgeousness everywhere! Great photos! And yeah, what's with that monstrosity they call a house???

Lorna said...

LOVE the pics, especially the pastoral scenes! Such pretty colors everywhere. Silos are fun; you can find them on Facebook Farmville.....

Michele Renee said...

I enjoyed your tour! That house is crazy huge.
And darling Grands! I remember the ninja days. The weapons are the highlight for sure.

Ginger said...

The boys look pretty cute in their costumes.
I love seeing the pictures of your area and would never tire of them. Wow that one with the golden background is beautiful. Are those trees, I can't tell, but I love the colors.
I don't know where the farmers put grain now. do they still use grain a lot or is it just hay they use? You can tell I'm not a farmer. lol.
I use plastic storage containers for my chicken grains, but I only buy 50 lbs at a time.

Timoteoh said...

Really dig the view from your back door!

Missy said...

Beautiful pictures! I would go crazy picking through all of those antiques...I love stuff like that. It looks like you have had beautiful weather, and the trees are gorgeous. The trees are pretty here, but I certainly do miss West Virginia and all of its glory in the fall.

Have a great day!

TheChicGeek said...

I love your photo posts! It's like a mini vacation...LOL
Lord knows I need another one!
Have a Happy Day Wanderer :)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Most cute boys. Halloween is much more fun with little kids. I miss that.

The big house looks like it belongs in Newport, RI. The autumn background with the Georgian (is it Georgian) style home? Incredible. And the sunset by your house. Our trees are just starting to turn, but don't compare to the beauty around your place. Thanks for the tour. Most enjoyable.

Ron said...

OMG, where you live is absolutely amazing! I love the photo with all the orange leaves on Holloween day. Hmmm, maybe I should look into getting an assignment in your neck of the woods...

Oh, and about silos:
Surprisingly, I found out from a group of research scientists one time that North America is the only place in the world that uses silos to store grain. No where else uses the big silos, except for us! So maybe that's why you see so few of them lately.

Everytime I see silos I get freaked out cuz they look like missile know like in the cartoons when the top opens up and the warhead shoots out? Scary.

Hope all is well!!!