Thursday, September 10, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I'm honored to have received an award called the Honest Scrap Award. It's for "those bloggers who write from the heart", and I received it from Missy at Missy's Book Nook. Thank you so much Missy! I had seen this on someone else's blog and wondered where you had to go to get one, not realizing that it was an award! The rules are to pass it along to seven bloggers who write from the heart, and then to list 10 honest things about yourself.

I'm passing this award on to seven bloggers who I feel truly write from the heart: Lila at Being Lila, Bernie at Old?Who Me?, Lakeviewer at SixtyFive, Now What?, Ron at Destination: Where the F Is Ron?, Glenn Differences With the Same Likenesses, Michele Renee at Must Be A Full Moon, and Lorna at Bathtime Blogger. If you're one of those bloggers who doesn't like to display their awards for whatever reason, that's fine, but I want you to know that I chose you and visit you because I admire the honesty and heart you display in your blog. If you've never visited them, please do so. (You'll have to get to them from my blog list, because they're not going thru here. Sorry.)

Here are seven honest things about me that I stole from my FB notes:
1) I'm a magazine-aholic. I buy them, read the first few articles that grab my attention, then put it aside to read later... which never comes, because I've brought home another one or two. Stacks and more stacks, all around the house. Always looking for that one article that will have the solution to making my home, my marriage, my cooking, my life, better.

2) I'm obsessed with helping my neighbors take care of their pets, because they obviously can't or won't! It drives me to tears and rages. It's not uncommon for me to bring the neglect to their attention, nicely of course, and offering to help keep their pets watered and warm/cool. It's such a simple thing - if you have a pet that is penned or chained up in the yard, YOU MUST SUPPLY THEM WITH WATER AND THE CREATURE COMFORTS (a warm bed in winter and shade in summer). How obvious can that be? How difficult can that be? It takes maybe five minutes a day. Give me a break!

3) I'm a television addict. I could watch all day, which I don't, but I just always have it on.

4) I wear dentures, and my daughter is under strict instructions to super glue them in if I'm ever incapacitated.

5) I have two half sisters and three half brothers (all maternal), who I didn't find until I was 30, and have only seen them a handful of times in 30 years. I don't know if I have any siblings by my biological father, who I haven't found.

6) I have something called "seizure disorder without convulsions". Certain lights and patterns set it off - the floor jumps up, I get big, vision is hyper and distorted, I get sick at my stomach, and I get random electrical shocks throughout my body. I've been on medication for about ten years and it's helped 90%, but there are still those moments when something sets it off, like the kids turning the lights or a flashlight on and off. I also have to have balanced lights in a room, and the blinds turned a certain direction.

7) I wear my socks inside out. It's called something like tactile hypersensitivity. Seriously. It's been studied and documented. For example, I can't stand the loops and seams inside socks, or the socks slipping around, to the point of being near tears and ripping them off. Just imagine thousands of ants inside your socks.

8) My daughter and I have instances of E.S.P. or psychic connection all the time, and have had for years. Like I can be at my house thinking how good ice cream sounds, and the phone will ring and it'll be her asking if I want to go get ice cream! Another example, one day I was thinking that pizza sounded good and I'd like to get some for dinner the next night. Then Melody called within minutes of the thought and asked if I would go with her and the boys to Chuckee Cheese for pizza for lunch the next day!
9) I'm the world's worst procrastinator. And I mean that seriously. Like procrastinating for months or years, not days or weeks. Why do today what can wait til next year? I have emails in my in box that I replied "get back to you soon...", and they're almost a year old.

10) I love family photos. I have something like fifteen big albums, all in chronological order, one of my youth, one of my first marriage, and the rest beginning in 1973. Several times a year I sit down and pull them all out, then laugh and cry my way through from beginnning to end. How in the world can a person keep their memories alive without photos?
That's it for today. If you're unable to retrieve the award from my blog (I'm still unsure about all that stuff), let me know and I'll email it to you. And, again, thanks Missy!


Tians.sis said...

Loved this post,you really have earned this award. Now go check your emails....I answered yours last

glnroz said...

myyy gooodness,,,Congrats to you and thanx to such a nice lady. Ten things to tell about myself will be hard but I will take the challenge. lol. I am sorta intraverted..but I will work on it tonight.. thanx again. If you have a site counter, you will see that I jump on here several times a day. I enjoy your site.. glenn

Lila said...

Thanks for the award, Girlfriend, although I'm not sure the world REALLY wants to know my every thought most days. I was just cranky because it was hot and I couldn't use my microwave.

Bernie said...

Congruatlations on your award, well deserved. I love Bernie, Old Who Me...I am so happy to have found her. I also love your 7 things about you....this is hard to do and yours just have to be hones as no one could make them up.. LOL
Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

glnroz said...

it was Virginia Beach

Timoteo said...

Just discovered your blog and find that we have some things in common. I'm a big animal person as well--and also adopted, though I never found my birth parents even though I knew their names. It appears they've passed on now.
Are the animal welfare laws in your state sort of lax? Here in Arizona, many types of animal abuse and neglect are classified as felonies, and it is illegal to leave your dog tied out in your yard.
Enjoyed the photos of your beautiful animals and family :)

Wendy said...

Congratulations! You definitely deserve this award.

And I love all the pictures down the left side.

lakeviewer said...

Thanks, Linda. I truly appreciate your thinking of me. Now,I do something similar.I read the entire thing the first day, then I give the thing away. Months later,though I remember something I read, I can't ever find the same article.

Lorna said...

Thank you Linda, you just brought a big smile to my day! I too love photos, and magazines,only I don't keep them (mags) past the first day. I cut out the stuff I want and keep that in a basket which I go through and enjoy often. I don't know how to retrieve the award, help! It's going to so much fun finding blogs to recommed (there are many) and think of fun stuff to share. Hugs...

Timoteo said...

No animals were harmed in the filming of Last Tango. :) (Further comment awaits for you on my blog!)

Lorna said...

Thanks Linda, your explanation totally worked. Ergo, you rock!

Bernie said...

Congratulations to you for receiving the award and being so generous with passing it on. Thsnk you for naming me for the Honest Scrap award, Linda. It is my first and I was so pleased!

I am like you in two respects at least. I like to wear my socks inside out too because I want the smooth side next to my feet. And I have some e.s.p going when the phone rings as to who it is and also when my son and I are messaging we are sometimes writing the very same words at the same time.

Your blog is so full of so many intriguing things. I shall visit often and spend time there. (I already have)

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

I have found your blog through the comments that you have posted on Being Lila. My initial impression is still true--you are a warm, generous, genuine woman. Congratulations on your award.


Michele Renee said...

Linda, thank you so much for mentioning me. And congrats on you being recognized. Some of your posts about your love for your daughter and also about your childhood moved me to tears. I am so happy for you to be finding so mnay friends thru blogging.
I have 10 things about myself on a post from June 2nd. It was pretty hard but I bet I could find ten different things now.

glnroz said...

is it 7 or 10, "blood and guts" things about myself I have to come up with..? :)

Ron said...

Thank you so much for that award! I've been meaing to drop by your site and visit, but life has been hectic, as you know. BUT, here I am and I'm so glad I came.

Reading your posts brings me back to earth, makes me feel at home again. You have a beautiful life! And you know what, I envy you!


Missy said...

How cool to find relatives that you never knew about!

I know more about you now than I did are a super person, Linda!