Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday's Wander to the Wayside: flooding

You may have heard that we had a little bit of rain here in Georgia this week - to the tune of about 12" in our area between Saturday night and Monday morning! It wasn't as bad here as in Atlanta, but Chickamauga Creek went about 10' over flood crest, and all of the many trickles of creeks turned into raging creeks. Here are just a few random photos of our immediate area: (don't forget that you can enlarge to get more detail)

No, that's not snow, but rain drops on my lens. That water in the background is the green area behind our house that I wrote about once before, where the creek is normally invisible unless you know where it is. We're in a hundred year flood area, but aren't really worried as we're on enough of an incline to not be in danger.

During a brief lull in the rain, these hummingbirds took to the top of the cherry tree right off the deck.

This is actually a horse pasture with probably a foot of water that was gone by evening.

I had to drive to town, and the steam was coming off the ground between the tree lines, plus the clouds were really low.
I almost had to pull over during this downpour, but it didn't stop me from taking a photo!

This is the ridge a couple of blocks to the east of us, again with the steam and/or clouds.

This is the little park we go to in Ringgold, with about a half a foot of water.

And this is standing in the same spot as above, but looking toward the street just a few feet away from the park, several feet under water because of a very deep, fast moving creek.

I just thought this looked cool with the reflection of the trees in the water, and the vines on that one tree. (really, enlarge this one so you can see what I saw)

Oops! They must have thought this was only a puddle. The rule when you come onto standing water like this is "turn around, don't drown". Apparently they forgot.

And at the end of a rainy day, one of our beautiful sunsets.

This is my daughter's back yard in a low spot. School was cancelled again Tuesday, and I was babysitting so she could run the errands she had planned to do while they were in school.

I thought I was being such a cool grandmother to let the boys play in the water, lecturing them, of course, on the dangers of doing this under other circumstances and to never never do this unless with an adult. But boy, did I get in trouble! They forgot to tell me that mom had already told them not to do this, especially in this spot, because it's where the dogs poop! So I had to shower and scrub them afterwards.

And this is Garrett and Conner seeing who can hang the longest. Garrett's biggest regret of the day was that the swing wasn't closer to the water so they could swing over and into it.
Well, that's it for our little neck of the woods for this week. Ya'll come back!


Wendy said...

Holy crap, that's a lot of water!

And, FYI, you shouldn't have been in trouble for letting the boys play in the water, they should have been for not telling you.

Also, Melody's yard looks great! I can't believe they've got the whole thing covered in grass. If it were my yard, I would have planted something ridiculous like wheat or soybeans. ;)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I want to play on a swing set like that. And there you go, letting those boy have more fun than they're supposed to. Loved it.

We, too, are received some relief from our drought. Amazes me how quickly everything turns green again.

MissKris said...

Ah least we grandmothers' intentions are good, eh?! I'm glad you posted this, as you've been on my mind a lot since we've been seeing video footage of your area on the news. We Oregonians get a lot of rain in the west side of the state - I always find it ironic how we have a reputation for being such a rainy state when 2/3 of it is high desert, HA! But at least 95% of the time it comes down in reasonable amounts.

Bernie said...

I have been watching on CNN about all the rain you have been getting, some are having it even worse. I found all your photo's to look so fresh and is so dry and very hot here on the prairies .... enjoy your grandsons
these are special days.....:-) Hugs

Missy said...

It sounds like Garrett and Connor had fun while you babysat for them. Puddles that deep are hard to resist wading in...You can tell they were having a ball! :)

Bernie said...

Thank you for the pictues of the floods. I have been following it on TV as I have a nehew and niece living in Atlanta. From drought to flooding. Makes for some serious problems. Glad you were not affected--and hey, those kids were having fun and it was o.k. I remember once we had a downpour in Illinois and the street flooded about a block from our house down the hill. It was deep. Everyone went swimming! And I never forgot it.

Ginger said...

I saw all the rain and flooding on the news. Sad that people died in it. When I lived in Vegas and we had the monsoon rain, someone would always try to drive through the low spots, and get washed away.
The boys look like they are having a ball.

glnroz said...

ya'll need a break for the rain,,,thnx for dropping by my site and puttin up with my nonesense. glenn

Timoteo said...

I love driving through that steamy fog in the mornings. Nice photos--they help us to get to know you.

In Arizona, we have what's called the "Stupid Motorist Law". If you go around barricades and get stuck in that kind of water, you can be liable for the cost of bailing your butt out of there--and that can run upwards of a thousand bucks!

Lorna said...

My nephew lives in Atlanta, and he posted a flood picture on his facebook. In his thirties, he's definitely not having as much fun as Garrett and Conner with all that water...