Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bluebirds: OPEN WIDE!

Thought I'd show you a better photo of our three day old bluebird baby.

I had a scare this morning - went out the door to go pick up Conner from nursery school, not really paying attention to anything besides locking the door, and when I turned around a MOCKINGBIRD flew up from the ground (I hoped), and mama was nowhere to be seen!

I didn't know I could move so fast, but I dropped my stuff, grabbed my stool, ran to the birdhouse, cautiously and almost sick to my stomach opened the door ... to be greeted by a baby beak ready for food! What a relief! I quickly took a photo, then he fell over backwards so I got a blurry photo of that. I haven't a clue what those little orange mitteny things are on his midsection, because he doesn't have claws yet. I guess the dark redness is where he was attached to the egg?

I scolded mama when she came back as I got into my car, and asked her why daddy bluebird wasn't standing guard, but she just re-entered the house and glared at me like I was the troublemaker.

Whew! I hope I don't have a nervous breakdown before the next two weeks is over!


Ginger said...

I think it's neat that you can get up that close to get a picture. Are those the birds legs that look like hands?
Looks like you might have to stand guard and help mama bird out if daddy bird won't do it.

cujosgonewild said...

How exciting! I sure hope everything continues to go well for the bluebird family. Keep up the good work protecting the baby :)