Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wipe that pee, please!

I have a huge pet peeve - women who pee on the toilet seat and don't clean it off! Melody and I went into a public bathroom a few months back while at the movies, and I went into THREE STALLS before finding one that didn't have pee on the seat! This wasn't the first time, either. It's been one of my rants for years. It's not that I'm a germaphobe ... it's the ick factor!

Ok, here's the deal. You don't want your butt to touch the possible germs on a public toilet seat. I get that. So you try to pee straddling the toilet or just crouched over the seat. A few (or many) drops get on the seat. You wipe yourself, flush, and ... walk away? Seriously?

Then here I come, also thinking about germs on the seat, and there's YOUR pee on the seat, and I have to wipe up your pee or go to another stall! And if I forget to look before I sit (because sometimes I barely make it there in the first place), and I sit in your pee, I spend the next 30 minutes cringing because of the sticky feel of my underwear sticking to your pee! Ewwwww!

I get that there are accidents even if you sit down all the way to pee. I'm 61 years old, have weak bladder muscles, and sometimes I think I'm done peeing but a few drops come out when I stand up. I WIPE IT OFF. IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO DO. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO TOUCH YOUR HANDS TO THE SEAT ... YOU WAD UP A BUNCH OF TOILET PAPER AND BLOT YOUR PEE SPOTS. If it's a boy dribbling on the seat after peeing, he's probably with his mother, so the mother either needs to wipe it off herself, or, better yet, begin teaching him to clean up after himself!

It's all about bathroom etiquette. About respect for the next person. Is that so hard?

(Hope I haven't offended anyone with the topic.)

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Ginger said...

You haven't offended me...I agree with you completely. I also wish people would flush the toilet after they use it. It can be pretty gross.