Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday's Favorite Things-Foot Butterfly

Every kid brings home dozens if not hundreds of works of art from school, most of them actually done for the most part by the teacher. But we treasure them anyway. A year or so ago, when my grandson, Garrett, was in preschool, he brought home this butterfly made from foot tracings. He wanted me to have it, instead of his mom. Usually I put them on the fridge or front door for awhile, and eventually they end up in a folder out of sight.

This butterfly floated around for many months, until one day I decided to frame it and put it up on a wall shelf in the bedroom. It was there for several weeks, until one day he finally noticed it. His face lit up, and he said "wow, Mawmaw, I didn't know you liked it that much!".

Yes, I said, I liked it that much. Because it was his foot, and his foot would never be that small again. And when he's 6'4" like his daddy, and has a gigantic foot, and kids of his own, he can show it to them and say "look how small my foot used to be! And my Mawmaw loved it so much that she framed it so that you could see it someday."

This is one of my favorite things, because it will always remind me of a time, and a size, in his life that was so fleeting.

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Ginger said...

Thats a cute project for kids, I've never seen it done with the foot prints. Cute!!!