Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday's Wander to the Wayside

These people really put a lot of thought into this little garden. Look how clever that scarecrow is! Don't know how long that pumpkin head will last in our heat and humidity.

The house above is my dream house. It's tucked back behind some trees, has a long winding gravel driveway, is always covered with dappled shade, has a vegetable garden on the side, an herb garden, some kind of berries or grapes, an old rock foundation shed or shop. Always well manicured but still a bit rugged, homey and inviting. Oh, and some chickens running around.

This yellow house is abandoned and almost hidden behind all that shrubbery. Just an old country home that you see on many formerly rural streets around here. What I find so funny about our area is that they don't tear down these old abandoned houses! They just leave them there to become overgrown, and build a new house next to or behind it.

I love this view, which I see when I go to Walmart, because it shows the different colorations of the sky, ridge, trees, and field leading up to the street. If you hit it at the right time of day, the sun will be highlighting the area between the ridge and trees, or on a muggy day there will be a layer of fog.

Yes, another horse. Isn't he a handsome fellow. He always seem to be hanging out at this fence.

Is there anything cuter than goats? We used to live in a house with three acres where I could have had goats, and did want them, or at least a few. But I had a mystery illness going on (turned out to be severe hypothyroidism) and didn't have the energy or muscle power to take care of myself, let alone a farm! Actually, we had three horses, four dogs, four cats, a rabbit, three cockatiels, one crippled grackle (that lived five years), and a teenage daughter, so that was plenty to take care of. Good thing I had a husband to take care of the horses!

It was nice to see you today! Sorry it was so humid, but that's what happens when the sun comes out after all this rain we've had. It seems like we went straight from winter to summer around here, with only a week or two of cool spring breezes.


Ginger said...

I am with you on that dream house. That is really inviting to see it set back like that.
Weird about the old houses that people don't tear down or fix up, they just rebuild.
I love the baby goats too. But after my experience with the 2 I had, I prefer to enjoy them on someone else's property. Love the markings on the horse.
I thought maybe you would be posting about the dog, I was waiting to hear that story.
My kids just left last night. I am wore out.

Wendy said...

Yep, that looks like my dream house too. Manicured, rugged, homey and inviting. Ideally, those would be my top priorities, with manicured taking a backseat due to time constraints. ;)

cujosgonewild said...

Ohhh I would just love to be living in that house you call your dream house! I'd have to say its one of my dream houses too just based on that picture.

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