Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday's Favorites-Hutch

Thirty-four years ago, my husband built this hutch with the intention of selling it. I confiscated it for my own use, specifically for all the stuff I knew I'd be collecting over the coming years. It has been one of my most treasured pieces of furniture ever since, and is the first thing to be set up in any home, the same as the buffet I showed you last week. I thought I would feature it here by itself, but decided to go ahead and show you all the stuff that is on it. The stuff across the top is mostly gifts over the years. The fruit tin was one of my earliest treasures because my aunt gave it to me, and it was the last thing I'd ever get from her before she died. The Dresden China plate is one of two that I got when my grandparents died. The glass on the left is a souvenir gift from my cousin Nancy on one of our shopping trips. I think she got one for each of us so that we'd remember each other when we used it. The Lenox candleholders were one of the only things I was able to retrieve from my youth, a graduation gift I think. The Lenox Fruit of Life bowl I mail ordered to match the candleholders.

This is the other Dresden plate. The amberware was my mother-in-law's and I picked it out when we were going through her stuff before she went in a nursing home. I use the juice glasses for votive candle holders.

This pretty much tells you everything you need to know about what I like to collect and the colors I like best. The nest on top of the tin is real, but the bird is not. The popcorn was a gift from cousin Nancy. The green china girl was hers and I nabbed it at her yard sale. The handled jar on top of the popcorn is sweet cherry jelly from Colorado, which is where we're from. The other stuff is just stuff I bought. Oh , except for the blueish pitcher which I found in the dirt at an old house I stopped to poke around in. You can just barely make it out, but there's a cookie cutter in front of the Hershey's tin on the left, actually a dog bone cutter. It's an airedale, and I won it in an online contest by an airedale rescue group that I was part of, for the best email written by a dog. It's a constant reminder to me of my beautiful Molly.

These are some old books I picked up at a used stuff store and will probably be showing you another time (they're not just cook books). My whole house is based on the colors of books! The tin is one of my absolute favorites because of the color and the bird. Don't know how old it is.

Cook books, newish tin of little boy. Small tins were from my m-i-l. The ivy has been in this pot for about 20 years! The cat in the photo is Marakesch, Kesch for short. She came from a shelter, and lived to be 20 years old.

Thanks for stopping by to see my stuff! It's pretty much the same as everybody else's stuff, but it's mine! Some would consider it clutter, but I consider it treasures. My oldest grandson, Garrett age 6, already is putting his dibs on certain things for when I die! (That could be because I'm always saying "this will be your's and Conner's when I die.")


Ginger said...

Don't you just love "stuff"? I love all my stuff too, but at times get tired of seeing it, so I sometimes switch it around. I like the hutch your hubby built.
It's nice that you have things left from relatives and that your grandkids are putting their dibs on things. My kids don't seem too interested in anything I have. They are into modern "stuff".
Happy Birthday!!! What are you doing to celebrate?

cujosgonewild said...

I love the hutch. Its even more special knowing that your husband made it. I love having those memories to look at and can't wait to see what more I find as the years come.

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Hope that helps!